I am now a part of the talent pool of the KNWU RTC BMX North/East...


Thomas rides in the 20″ challenge for boys of till 16 and the 24″ for boys between the age of 15-16.

Club team

Thomas rides at team FCC de Bissinghcrossers, Ommen since 2015.


All the national and international BMX games in 2019 (fixtures will be known around march 2019).

Thomas Bergboer BMX Racing

Next Matches

16-06-19 TC 3 Luijksgestel
23-06-19 TC 4 Tiel
07-07-19 NK BMX Erp
12-07-19 EK BMX Valmiera (LAT)
13-07-19 EK BMX Valmiera (LAT)